Highlights made easy

Highlight Play analyzes your Twitch channel to automatically create highlights of your stream. After streaming go to your Highlight Panel and choose clips you want to trim, publish on YouTube or download for further editing.

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Time saver

Highlight Play helps you create highlights efficiently and thus save time. You may also crowdsource your highlights by giving your trusted viewers access to produce them.

Career booster

I used Highlight Play on The International 5 and I got over 100 000 views in a week using un-edited clips. I had no prior YouTube experience, no ad-network and no subscribers.

Money earner

Highlight Play does not own your highlights. You can make money by showing ads and keep 100% of the revenue. You may also use as many or as few highlights as you want to.

Cloud software

There is no add-ons or software to install — all highlights are processed on our servers. Therefore you do not need to spend any of your bandwidth or resources to run Highlight Play.

Coded in rally English at the arctic Finland

How it works

1. Produce content

When you start streaming the highlighter will automatically start recording and analyzing data. Highlights are always created automatically, but you can also use the highlighter manually. This is done by sending out command !highlight with video length to your Twitch chat. For example, !highlight 2:30 will save your stream's last 2 minutes and 30 seconds. All clips will then instantly appear on the Highlight Panel.

2. Use the Highlight Panel

After signing up you will receive password which you can use to access your Highlight Panel. To access Highlight Panel go to URL of type your-twitch-username.highlightplay.com. When you start streaming the site will create highlights which will be displayed on the page. You can then trim, save and delete clips. The program also gives its own score for each clip and display keywords to hint you about the clip content. This helps you to find highlights that happened, but which you did not timestamp.

You may also link your YouTube account to Highlight Panel. Doing so will grant your Highlight Panel users the ability to upload videos to your personal YouTube channel. Do not worry though, the clips are uploaded with hidden privacy setting, which means that only the people who have the URL can see the clip. You may later publicise the videos from YouTube video manger once you have approved them. This gives the streamer the final word on their content, rather than video producers. With autonomous video producers this opens possibilities for crowdsourced highlights. Crowdsourced highlights reduce the needed time to refine video content. This again helps the streamer to focus on gaming instead of content refining.

2.1 Find highlighters (optional)

To get full benefit of Highlight Play you should find volunteers to refine your video content. Many volunteer people working on highlights means you are crowdsourcing them.

Most streamers have fans who would love to help in any means possible! This is why we have built feature which lets you add Twitch users to access your Highlight Panel. These users should be people who you can trust and who understand the game(s) you play. After you add them the privileges, they can refine your content through Highlight Panel. You may even advice them to write YouTube titles and descriptions, which you may then review from your YouTube video manager. Everybody wins as your fans are able to help you and you save time. As an added benefit your content will also reach even the ones who have missed your stream earlier the date. With enthusiastic volunteers you could find your day's content refined on YouTube the second you end streaming! You could have your day's stream wrapped up by your own viewers, for free.

3. Rinse and repeat

Why it is made

Our mission is to help people become full time streamers. Usually such career choice would need a lot of time and risk taking on streamers' part. We want to lower the risks and save streamers' time by providing tools such as Highlight Play. At the same time, we want to contribute to viewer community. For viewers we aim to provide better content faster than ever before. This will also allow crowds of viewers to keep up with more streamers' and help the community as a whole. It is mutual benefit for everybody.

Any questions can be emailed at [email protected] and shorter ones via Twitter.



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